Robert Byrnes has been providing bodywork in a professional setting since 1994, and integrates several modalities for a unique treatment that is individualized to each client's needs. He provides therapeutic treatments by appointment in his Mill Valley, California office. Call 415-360-4389.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

The deep tissue massage therapy I perform allows your body to literally transform during and after the treatment session. The therapy releases restricted body patterns and removes the physical blocks to vibrant health. Harmony and balance are integrated back into the body structure as techniques appropriate to one's condition are applied.

When your body experiences trauma, it can become physically locked into unhealthy and unbalanced patterns. Additionally, pain, tension and stress will create physical blockages and restrictions. This can literally weigh the body down since tight, inflexible muscles require more energy for the body to move. You unknowingly expend extra energy in your efforts to achieve equilibrium and correct posture. And as you counteract the structural disharmony and restrictive patterns, this effort can exhaust your body's energy.

With my therapeutic massage techniques, we remove the trauma, pain, tension and stress from your body. This elevates your vitality and gives you more energy to heal. Released from the restrictions, the energy in your body goes where it can be better utilized. During, and after the treatment, your body begins to re-pattern itself so that it functions in a more harmonious and healthy way. You will actually feel lighter, with more flexibility and greater range of motion.

With my treatment, your equilibrium is restored and the mechanics of your body become more efficient. Less energy is expended in movement and in responding to the pull of gravity, and an increase in energy is experienced as your vitality improves. My massage therapy treatment can boost physical performance, speed recovery periods, and will allow you to experience vibrant, radiant health.

CBD Lotion

What is CBD and why does it work?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol and it is one of nearly 80 types cannabinoids. The most famous cannabinoid is THC, Tetrahydrocannabinol, known for its psychoactive effect; the "high".

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds (groupings of molecules) that bind to cannabinoid receptors that already exist in our bodies. These CB 1/2 receptors are throughout the body and are highly concentrated in the gut, the brain, and the joints. When CBD binds to these receptors, it triggers the body to seek homeostatic balance and induces a natural anti-inflammatory response. CBD triggers the natural healing processes in our body!

The CBD is derived from hemp plants. Hemp plants are in the cannabais family with marijuana. However hemp only has trace amounts of THC (0.3%).

To get CBD from hemp plants, a full spectrum oil is created where all the cannabinoids from the plant are removed. However, this full spectrum oil has almost no trace of THC. So no there can be no psychoactive effects.

You cannot overdose on CBD! And CBD is known to have a positive effect on the body for 6-8 hours.

Some specific conditions to treat with CBD:

  • arthritis
  • athlete training and recovery
  • muscles aches/pain
  • stiff joints
  • skin irritation/eczema

I use CW Hemp CBD lotion in my treatments.

Technical Description

For those of you that are interested in more of a technical description of the work I can perform, here is an Assessment and Statement of Treatment that I wrote for one of my client's doctors and her insurance company:

[The client] describes a "constant clenching pain" and a "real tightness" in the neck which she experiences running down the middle and to the right side of her neck. My assessment revealed a massive knot of restricted tissue centered around the transverse process of the third cervical vertebra on the right side. The second cervical vertebra was found to be severely restricted in its mobility. This lack of motion causes the third cervical vertebra to compensate through hypermobility which exacerbates [the client's] condition in that area. [The client's] range of motion for her head is severely limited by the restrictions in her neck and the tension running into her shoulders.

The therapy we perform focuses primarily on the following muscles in the neck and shoulders: Trapezius, Splenius capitis and cervicis, Semispinalis capitis and cervicis, Spinalis capitis and cervicis, Longissimus capitis and cervicis, Scalenes, Levator scapula, Rhomboideus minor and major. And, especially, the deeper Interspinalis cervicis, Multifidus, Intertransversarii cervicis, Obliquus capitis superior and inferior, Rectus capitis posterior major and minor and lateralis.

The techniques employed are primarily slow, deep compression with the fiber of the muscles and also cross fiber friction. Some pressure point techniques are used but the main intention is to stimulate movement into the restricted tissues. Deep stretches and joint mobilization techniques are also employed in the cervical region to mobilize the articulations and affect the ligaments.

The therapy we perform relieves the restricted tissues in the neck and shoulders. This allows dammed up fluids to be released and allows fresh fluids to flow into the previously restricted areas. This brings immediate relief but also aids the healing process in the long term. Our goal is to provide relief from pain and stress and to restore normal range of motion for the head, and in the neck and shoulder areas.

[The client's] condition seems to stabilize with more frequent visits which allow her to function better and engage in light physical activity with only moderate discomfort. After working with [the client] for over six years, it is obvious that massage therapy, when applied at more frequent intervals, is extremely successful in ameliorating her painful condition for a sustained period of time. [The client] requires massage therapy once a week in order to effectively assist the healing process and support her in pursuing a normal life. Treatments every other week should prove effective as well. But the most we can hope for by treating her condition once a month is temporary relief from pain, muscle tension and stress, and a steeper up hill climb toward total health and normal functioning. If [the client's] Doctors concur, I recommend that she receive massage therapy on the effected areas for one hour every other week, if not every week, for the next year. At that future point in time, we should reevaluate [the client's] progress and the frequency of treatments.


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  • Board Certification: 428138-00
  • AZ State Board of Massage Therapy License: MT-00109P
  • CA Massage Therapy Council Certification: 67909
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